20th Feb 24

Prewedding in Hong Kong

My team and I had the privilege of capturing the pre-wedding moments of Venus and Harry, a young couple deeply in love. Our photo shoot took us to two distinct locations, each showcasing a different aspect of their relationship.

We began the day at an industrial-themed venue, where the raw and urban backdrop provided a unique and unconventional setting for their wedding attire. Against the backdrop of metal structures and gritty textures, Venus and Harry's love shone brightly, creating a captivating contrast between their elegance and the rugged environment.

In the afternoon, we ventured to the mountains and a serene seaside location. The majestic beauty of nature served as a breathtaking backdrop for their love story. As the sunlight bathed them in a warm glow, Venus and Harry couldn't hide their affection for one another. Their genuine connection and tender moments were effortlessly captured, resulting in stunning and heartfelt photographs.

It was an incredible experience to witness the genuine love and affection between Venus and Harry. Their pre-wedding photo shoot was a celebration of their unique bond and the beginning of their journey together. We are grateful to have been a part of capturing their love story and creating lasting memories for them to cherish.