29th Aug 16

Prewedding in New York

I had the privilege of capturing the pre-wedding moments of Cindy and Paul in the vibrant city of New York. The couple chose this iconic location as the backdrop for their shoot, and we embarked on a journey through the city streets, capturing their love story in every frame.

As we strolled through the bustling streets, Cindy and Paul embraced the essence of being ordinary individuals enjoying the city's delights. We captured candid moments of them savoring delicious street food, immersing themselves in the vibrant atmosphere, and cherishing every simple yet meaningful moment together.

Every ordinary moment we captured during the shoot was a building block of their journey together. These seemingly mundane instances, stacked together, represented the depth of their relationship. It was a joy to witness their love and to document these precious moments that will forever remind them of the simple pleasures they shared as a couple in New York City.