3rd Aug 16

Prewedding in Switzerland

I had the privilege of capturing the pre-wedding moments of Cecilia and Calton. We traveled to Interlaken for their photo shoot, and the picturesque landscapes of this breathtaking city provided a stunning backdrop for their photos. Every location and every frame captured the unique beauty of this romantic city.

As we wandered through the streets of Interlaken, we were surrounded by awe-inspiring scenery. From the majestic mountains to the crystal-clear lakes, each location offered a picturesque charm that perfectly complemented Cecilia and Calton's love story. The couple, immersed in the romantic atmosphere of this city, had an unforgettable experience as we captured their love and connection through the lens.

It was a joy to document Cecilia and Calton's pre-wedding moments in Interlaken. The photographs we captured will serve as cherished memories, reminding them of the love they shared and the magical experience they had in this remarkable city. Interlaken truly provided a captivating backdrop for their pre-wedding photo shoot.