3rd Nov 17

I was once told that what separates the best wedding photographers from the rest is his ability to connect with his couples, to capture and convey intangible emotions throughout his work. I think wedding photography is very differnet with any other type of photography in the sense that we are creating beautiful memories for future generations. I like to keep my wedding work, simple, truthful and beautiful. Lastly, I would to thank Joanne and Brian for their kind words below.

"If you are still having a hard time choosing who to be your pre-Wedding photographer, listen - go for KC. You would not regret it and I guarantee you this would be one of the best decisions you have made in your wedding planning process.

Not only has he got the skills for fine art photography with his films, he has got the passion for photography, and you can just tell from his eyes that he is genuinely enjoying the process of shooting for the couple.

What’s more perfect than having a happy and unforgettable experience with your fiancé and receiving a collection of beautiful photos that capture these moments in return? These photos are simply priceless."